mendieta STudy

Inspired by feminist performance artist Ana Mendieta, 'Mendieta Study' focuses on the female body as an omnipresent force. Similar to Mendieta's Sileuta series, an illusion was created, making it seem like this woman was coming directly from the earth. Rather than carving a feminine figure into the ground, this feminine figure evolves from a variety of materials, including flowers, fruit, limbs, and hair, which are often symbols of femininity. 


“Art is a material act of culture, but its greatest value is its spiritual role, and that influences society, because it’s the greatest contribution to the intellectual and moral development of humanity that can be made.” 

Ana Mendieta was murdered by her husband, and well-known minimalist sculptor Carl Andre in 1985.

This series is for women of abuse who'll never see justice because the system has failed us.